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sâmbătă, 19 august 2017

No reactions from romanian muslim community.

After a series of terorist attacks in western world, I search for reactions from romanian muslim community. First on the site of Great Mufti"s Office of Muslim Community of Romania.  They condemn terorist attacks from Ankara 17.02.2016, Istanbul 12.02.2016, Paris 14.11.2015, the fire on 30-31.11.2015 and express solidarity with crimeea brothers.

Cultural Islamic Center Al Tagua Bucharest no site, no reactions.

C.I.C. Islamul Azi Islam Today no reactions on their site. They have two press release condemning Paris attacks and Libia beheadings of egiptians Christian.

C.I.C. Semiluna no reactions on their site.

C.I.C. Iași also no reactions.

Combating islamic terorism must start in the muslim community, by muslim community, otber way radicals will apear from this community. Education received at home is most important, If they are radicalised at home, combating terorism is almost Impossible.

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